My morning ride.

Stepping out into the crisp morning, the dew from the overnight fog clung to the face, like small wet fairy kisses. The time was early, before many stir or awaken yet there was not much to hear except for the occasional passing vehicle, not even a chirp from a bird. Once the path was clear … Continue reading My morning ride.

It’s been a while…

I just realized it’s been two (2) years since I’ve written anything down! Believe me when I say there has been so many times I’ve had some good stuff in my head and I’ve said to myself “write it down”! More often than not, I’m driving or out on a bike ride with no means … Continue reading It’s been a while…


My Jeep needed brakes so I made an appointment to do the overnight drop off since I start work at 630 am.  I decided to bring my bike and ride to work which is only a few miles away. I didn’t realize 540 am was still dark as it is, but I had the set … Continue reading O-Dark-Thirty

I did an Iron Girl sprint triathlon in August of 2013 and swore I hated swimming and would never swim again! Now mind you I was a fish growing up swimming every chance I got, so what happened?  I asked myself that same thing! In my 30’s I had a couple pretty significant injuries to … Continue reading